Take Care of Your Motorcycle in This Winter!

With the twist of the wrist and slight nudge of feet, people love to get lost in the wilderness with their two wheel ride. Riding a motorcycle is a great source of fun. But surely you do not want to ruin the fun with a damaged motorcycle on the way. That is why maintenance of motorcycle is very important, especially in this winter where the possibility of frosty grip increases. You cannot stop some accident, but regular maintenance will prevent some common hazards of motorcycle. If you have not passed your bike through an overall servicing, pull out your tools and start with your bike locked in the garage.

Maintain Tire Pressure:
Before starting every ride, it is recommended to check the tire pressure. A perfect tire pressure according to your wheel capability will reduce the possibility of expensive tire flat situation. You do not have to do much for such test. A pencil size pressure gauge available in the nearest hardware store will do this for you. If you are an experienced rider, you measure the tire pressure with a small knock on the tire or your bikes balance. It is also very important to check the treads of the bike. If it is about 2mm, your tires are safe.

Lube Your Chain:
Lubing the chain is pretty important to increase the longevity of your motorbike chain. Whenever you run the engine and roll, the maximum friction goes over the chain which gradually may become weak. It is recommended to lube the chain after every ride. Yes, that is right. After every ride, lube your chain to have a smooth and long-lasting performance. Do not go so far, just use the commercial spray lube that is available in every bike shop. Cover the rim of rear wheel to save it from dirt.

Change Engine Oil:
The engine oil should be changed regularly. If you use the same old oil for a long time, there is a great possibility that it will corrode your engine and will lead to some more serious troubles. Your bike may lose its gas efficiency and air filter may get corroded. Do not overfill the engine; it can flood your air cleaner section. Keep in mind, oil filter changing is equally important as oil changing.

Brake Pad and Fluid:
As all the motorbikes are controlled with the hydraulic braking system, there are two fluids available in each bike. Front brake fluid and rear brake fluid. After a long time, it is the most convenient time to change the bikes fluid to have a smooth braking performance. Again, have a look at your brake pads. If it is rubbed more than 50%, try to set a new pair. It is very important for your safety as a new brake pad and fluid will surely give you a smoother and safer braking emergency in any kind of emergency.

Check The Fuel Lines:
First, inspect the fuel filter and make sure that it is not clogged. Check your fuel lines. Try to change your fuel lines in every 2 years. If you are running the bike after a long time, please drain out the old fuel from the fuel line and tank. Running a bike with old fuel will create many hazards in your engine. Refill the tank with new gas every time you run the bike after a long hibernation.

That’s all you need to know about maintaining your bike. Make sure your batteries are alive to allow you a good spark while starting. Try to talk to your nearest motor mechanic about your bike. If you follow the above mentioned tips, surely you will save a lot of money.

Paula R. Buckland

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