How to select a Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike for you

If you have decided that a full suspension mountain bike is what you want, you will then have to decide which of the many options will be the right ones for you. To help you make your mind up, here is a brief guide to some other things that you will need to consider.

Consider the type of riding you want to do
There are different types of full suspension bikes for different styles of riding and one of the differences between them is the amount of travel on the suspension. Typically, a cross-country bike will have around 100mm of travel while a trail riding bike will have more like 130mm. There are also bikes that are designed specifically for ednuro or all-mountain, and downhill. Do a bit of research on the type of riding that you want to do before you start to look or the best mountain bike for you.



Decide on Wheel size
There are three main wheel sizes available on mountain bikes. 26-inch wheels are the smallest and they provide the most manoeuvrability but, they are more difficult to control. The largest wheel size is the 29-inch wheels. These will give you a smooth and controllable ride, but they are far less manoeuvrable. The compromise between the two, and one that a lot of people are now going for is the 27.5-inch wheels. These are still fast and manoeuvrable, but a lot steadier then a 26-inch wheel would be.


Choose a gear ratio
There is a wide range of gear ratios to choose from and bikes can usually have up to three chain rings. The more chain rings you have, the more gears you have, but chain rings also add weight to your bike and they need maintenance. A double chain ring is probably the best option for a beginner.

Get the right frame size for you
Bikes are usually listed by their frame size and the size of the frame that will be the best one for you will depend on your height. You can find recommended frame sizes by height online, but we would suggest that you visit a mountain bike store to get advice on this. If you get the wrong sized bike, it will be difficult to control and uncomfortable to ride.

Choosing the frame material
Mountain bike frames come in three materials. Carbon frames are the lightest and the strongest, but they are also the most expensive. Steel frames are very durable, but they are the heaviest. Aluminium frames are light, but they won’t take as much punishment as a steel or carbon frame would.

Get the right brakes
The one thing you should not compromise on with your mountain bike is the brakes and that means you should always look for disc brakes, which should be the standard on most bikes. There are two basic types; hydraulic brakes and mechanical brakes. Hydraulic brakes are more powerful than mechanical brakes, but they do cost more and they do require more maintenance. Nevertheless, hydraulic brakes are still the best option.

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