Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage, Green Review


A best thing doesn’t actually need an introduction. Schwinn women’s bike is the most suitable simple machine with a lot of benefits summed up in a single and small thing. Uniqueness and quietness are its distinct qualities.

  • It offers a lifetime warranty provided that you own this bike.
  • Seven speed Shifters allow you to maintain your speed during cycling.
  • Alloy brakes for front and rear wheels.
  • Green in colour
  • Frame of lightweight steel and thus easy to handle


Benefits of Customer When Using Schwinn Women's Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage

Who on Earth does not want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle? Women, especially, before and even after marriage utterly desire to keep themselves hale and hearty. A research shows that cycling is the best exercise to keep you smart and young. How many of you know that cycling even enhance your sex life? If you are searching for quality, style and benefits, you are at the right place. An easy to ride, easy to maintain, easy to handle and easy to clean bike is available for you. Why will you use automobiles for getting to office when you own a classy bike?

No fuel expense is going to worry you now. Visit to friends and have their compliments. Go to the market, wearing a cute green hat. Don’t forget to go to the coffee shop with your friends on weekend. At all places, it will look a cool and distinctive bike that will make every eye notice it

Prominent Feature

Easy shifting of gears makes this little thing run fast on roads. Manage your speed according to the traffic. It has thick tires that make it a stable ride. Schwinn’s seat is having springs it that makes it very cozy and comfortable during ride. The bumps and jolts pass by easily and swiftly. Its green color suit to ladies very well. You are going to includeyourself in the name of those happy cyclists who know this fact very well that their bikes are backed by a lifetime warranty


Pros and cons


  • Its fenders are made up of delicate plastic material that undoubtedly increasesits glow and beauty but they need a great care. You need to keep a nice lock with you when you go out so that no one plans to steal your precious property
  • Good news is that this product comes with a complete product manual that enables you to understand it well.


  • While talking about the pros and cons of this bike, this thing needs to be mentioned that it may take a little time and a technical mind to assemble it. You are advised to read the manual carefully and take the steps for assemblage accordingly. Any wrong step may disturb your feelings and make you put a bad review about it.
  • Its fenders aren’t made of tough metal

Maintenance guide, Hygiene products

Ladies! Your bike is an accumulation of moving parts. No doubt, they will be exposed to dirt, dust and debris. Accrual of all such things on bike will deteriorate it slowly. So the first measure to the maintenance of this bike is proper hygiene. This hygiene is actually something more than washing it and letting it dry. Even the high pressure of water may cause damage to its delicate parts. So hosing is to be done with extreme care. Some parts will require occasional buffing and brushing. Most bike components will only require a rag for cleaning.

Lubrication is a very crucial step for maintaining its good performance. It avoids the moving parts of your bike from the damages caused by the friction. The exposed parts of the metal become less vulnerable to corrosion if timely lubricated. The bearings don’t freeze and maintain their working. The chain, brake cables, levers and bearing systems need to be lubricated properly.

Frequently asked Question With Schwinn Women's Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage, Green

· What is the weight bearing capacity of this bike?

Answer: It has a weight limit of 250 pounds.

· Can anyone tell about the tires, whether they are thinner or wider than other bikes?

Answer: the tires are thinner than that of a mountain bike but thicker than an urban bike. They are best for safe riding on the road.

· For what height of ladies is this bike best suited?

Answer: Ladies of 5’ and more can easily ride this bike.


For the very first time, when you are out in market and are searching for a best bike, it is recommended that you look for the good reviews of people. Hear to people and see what they think about it. People are the best adjudicator.

Schwinn Women's Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage, Green is the best bike for commuting. You may consider buying a cycling helmet, goggles, knee protection pads etc. to ensure your safety while riding.

Sit down and take your time to review, decide and purchase this product. Keep in mind that it is economical to get the product from the manufacturer or the distributor rather from the retailer shops.

Paula R. Buckland

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