How to Ride a Bike on the Road Safely?

Riding a bike is one of the most fun and exhilarating activities that you can do. It is even an activity, which you can do every day and improve your fitness along the process.

However, take note that riding a bike also has its own risks. This especially holds true if you’re on the road. That said, you need to make sure that your bike is in tip-top shape prior to using it on the road.



Check and understand cycling requirements, as well, to guarantee your safety.

Assess the condition of your bicycle

You need to assess the different parts of your bicycle to ensure that it is in good condition and safe to ride on the road. Do this step, especially if your bike is already old. You need to check it for the following:

  • Cycling Equipment – These include the tires – whether they’re inflated enough, the brakes – whether they are clean or are working efficiently, and the brakes – whether they still operate and are clean.
    It’s also important to check and maintain the chain. It should be clean without any form of debris. Furthermore, it needs to be capable of operating without causing any problems.
  • Brakes – Test-drive your bike to find out if the brakes are working. Drive it on an even surface. Make sure to pull the levers on and off. Contact a repair shop if you noticed that the levers are no longer working. Also, avoid using them just yet unless the issue is fixed.
  • Tire – To assess the condition of the tire, put it in a bowl containing water. If you noticed some bubbles then there is a great chance that you have a punctured tire. Fix it first before using on the road.
  • Height – The height should be perfect for you. Sit on the bike. Ensure that the bottom part of your toes touches the ground. Make some adjustments on the handles and the seat, if necessary. Make sure that the height is comfortable enough for you.

Wear the Right Clothing

To guarantee your safety while riding a bike on the road, you also need to wear the proper clothes. You need the following:

  • Bright-colored clothing – You may also invest on flashing lights or a reflective vest. All these can help raise your visibility on the road, allowing other drivers to see you.

  • Comfy footwear – Avoid wearing flip flops or high heels. Wear shoes with flat soles and have a snug fit. The shoes shouldn’t also have any dangling pieces.
    We highly recommend you to wear steel toe boots if you are worried about your safety. This pair of footwear is designed to secure your feet and keep them safe.
    Also known as a safety boot, a good steel toe boot is durable enough and features protective reinforcement on all your toes. This can protect your foot from compression or falling objects.
    When riding a bike in a high-risk road with either low to heavy traffic, you can expect this boot to protect you.

Summer Breathable Cycling Clothing Source:

  • Helmet – This is one of the most vital items that you should wear while on the road. It can help ensure your safety as it reduces your risk of suffering from severe head injuries in case of accidents. Some places also prohibit riders who don’t wear their helmets.
  • Eye protection – Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses that are appropriate when riding a bike. This will prevent pebbles, dirt, and bugs from coming in contact with your eyes.
    Note that these elements may trigger vision difficulty temporarily. It would be best to have some sort of protection.

Road Rules

When riding your bike on the road, you need to study safety practices and traffic laws. This will prevent you from getting injured, or worse, killed, even if another driver or motorist is at fault.

One basic rule that you have to obey is riding where the traffic is. Note that it is illegal to ride against traffic, especially if you’re also on the wrong side. It also raises your risk of encountering an accident, as it will increase closing speeds.

Also, it’s necessary to learn about proper ways to signal other road users about your intention. If you plan to turn or adjust laterally in a roadway, for instance, make sure to do the proper hand signal. This will alert everyone on the road.

Obeying traffic signals is also a must, so you won’t be a nuisance on the road and to prevent possible accidents. Avoid listening to music, as well.

Your ears should serve as your radar, which will help you detect any approaching vehicles. Furthermore, there are some music genres that may stimulate you to take a risk, making you more prone to accidents.

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Riding a bike offers an exhilarating experience, but since it’s also risky, you need to keep in mind some tips. Hopefully, all the information indicated in this article will help you enjoy riding your bike while ensuring your safety.

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