How To Reduce Redness In Morning Bike Ride?

In the temperate countries, it is a very common scenario that the face of the riders becomes reddish or red after a cycle ride. If you are one of the victims of this problem, you can easily eliminate such situation. You can take measures in your home before the ride and during the ride to eradicate this problem. Again, a few steps may make the problem disappear very quickly.

After a cycle ride, red or reddish skin is a very painful experience for every rider. A little consciousness can save you from this trouble. Today I am going to give you five fundamental tips to combat this situation. Let’s begin:

1. Maintain Food Habit Before The Ride:
You have to take several measures in the home to avoid red skin problem. First one is the food habit before leaving the home. Do not consume anything which affects body temperature and blood circulation. Cut out spicy foods like oily curries and chilies before the ride. If you want a better result, you have to replace the spicy foods with apple, melon, spinach and other natural fruits and juices. Within a week, you will notice a better skin condition. Not only preventing the redness, this food habit will keep your skin healthy and bright.

2. Water Is The Best Cure
Drink plenty of water and let your immune system do the rest. If you drink an adequate amount of water, your body will remain cool. Your skin will not be reddish and dry instead it will keep your cheek pink and body hydrated. If your body becomes dehydrated, the skin will be dry and it will be much easier to burn. Plenty of water will let your immune system work properly and your inner defense mechanism will stand against the skin burn.

3. Proper Implementation of Sunscreen

Do not leave your skin in the open sun, especially in the sun after 10am and top sun. Try to use every possible shade to keep your skin away from the sunlight. While riding, if you do not feel burn, rather enjoy the mild, cool and gentle breeze that means the sunlight are not strong enough to burn your skin.

4. Beauty Regime
Well, you may wonder how it is related to your reddish skin. You know everyday dead skin molecules are falling down from our skin. If you can do the exfoliation, it will be much better for you. After that process, your skin will be less sensitive to the sun and if you get any tan, it will be light brown instead of reddish, dry skin.

5. Proper Medication
If you face the flushing problem, you can undergo a proper medication. It is recommended not to use medicine for a slight flushing. The elements that make your blood vessels dilutee like clonidine, beta blockers can be used to make your face normal for a short amount of time. Be careful about the side effect of such products.
It is very common that after a ride, you will suffocate a little and your skin will be a little redder than other time. In the difficult part of your ride, your pressure will increase and your face will be a little reddish. But if you face such problem after the ride or feel any burning sensation, do not ignore the issue anymore. Start with drinking plenty of water. Avoid spicy foods, especially before a ride. Use a shade under the sun. If your problem is severe and these processes fail to serve you, then you can go for proper medication under a registered physician.

Paula R. Buckland

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