How to Fix A Sticky Freewheel

Let us find the solution of a simple and minor problem of your costly bike. This article is concerned with the procedure of cleaning and lubing a sticky freewheel that is gummed up with the old grease and cannot move freely. Of course, you are going to require a greater force for riding such a bike. That may seem to be a minor issue but it really needs to be fixed because it would only get worse day by day.

Do a simple test. Rotate the tyre and note its motion. If the tyre is gummed up, it would slow down quicker than normal. Remove the tyre and hold it from the axle and rotate. It would stop soon. Rotate the free wheel and see how fast it stops. All these simple tests confirm one thing that the tyre is gummed up with grease and needs to be treated. Written below are some simple steps to get rid of such a problem.

Unscrew the freewheel in order to clean the grease. Different freewheels require different types of tools to unscrew them from the wheel. Choose the appropriate tools for your bike to unscrew freewheel.

Once you loosen the screw, spin the freewheel off the tyre. Take the freewheel out. What next you have to do is to take the WD-40 and spray it on the ball bearings of freewheel. Rotate the freewheel continuously with the help of your hands. This rotation will allow the WD-40 to enter deep into the bearings. Old grease and dirt is cleaned off and rotation becomes fast, smooth and resistance free. Keep on spraying WD-40 until the rotation becomes fast enough. Then take a paper towel and wipe out the excess WD-40 because it is a good solvent and is not good for the ball bearings. It is not essentially a good lubricant for the bearings for a longer time. Tap the freewheel for some time on the paper towel so that WD-40 comes out of the cracks. If possible, use compressed air to blow down the cracks so that all of the WD-40 comes out and leaves the surfaces neat and clean. We want to get all of it out of there.

The next step is to lubricate the freewheel. For this purpose, you may use the phil tenacious oil and pour down into the ball bearings and rotate it so that the oil reaches in the deeper parts and all the articulating surfaces are lubricated well. Keep on applying the oil unless it comes out from the other side. Do rotate the freewheel with hand to get the uniform distribution of the lubricant. When you clearly see the oil coming out from the other side, you can be assured of the thorough distribution of oil inside. This method will give your bike a maximum speed and a uniform and smooth ride. After this, using a paper towel, you can wipe out all of the excess oil to get surface clean. Again tap down the freewheel to extract out the oil from the cracks. Now as you know, you have to fix the freewheel on the wheel. Use your tool. Fix the skewer so that it doesn’t slip off. Tighten the freewheel with the tools and remove the tool.

Now it’s the time to mount the wheel on your bike. Take your bike and fix the wheel carefully. Take care of the exact position where the wheel is supposed to be fixed. Tighten the nuts with a force so that they don’t get loose while riding. It may be dangerous for you. Give your wheel a spin. You will surely notice that it spins much smoother now. This is how to fix a sticky freewheel. Now mount on your beloved bike and go for a lovely ride with your friends.

Every problem comes with a solution. All you need is to have the necessary ken to deal with such problems. I hope this article helps you to fix this issue with your bikes.

How to Fix Hybrid/Mountain Bike V Brakes Rubbing On One Side

Most of the hybrid bikes possess V brakes for reliable and safe performance. These brakes have a greater efficiency and are more proficient. Given below is the comprehensive detail of how to fix such v brakes if they are rubbing on one side of the tyre.

Despite their greater efficiency, V brakes sometimes are rubbing on one side of the tyre that produces friction and hinders the free motion of your bike. In such a case, one side brake is moving while the other side doesn’t show motion at all and is constantly in contact with the surface of the tyre of your bike.

You need not worry about such a problem if you are facing it. Don’t think of the wastage of your precious money on such an expensive and luxurious bike. You need to relax and follow some of the simple steps to get the issue resolved. Within no time you will be able to enjoy your blissful ride once again over the lush roads with a new passion and enthusiasm.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do in order to fix this problem is to release the skewer to make sure that the tyre is centred. Release the skewer and fix the position of the tyre so that it comes in its central position where it is supposed to be. Tighten the skewer back up again. Rotate the tyre and check its rotational movement. If the problem is solved then you are done. Otherwise, you need to make some further changes in order to get the problem solved. This isn’t a big issue.

Now you have to make some adjustments to the brakes. Reach out to the side of the brake that is not showing movement. You need to pull it out. Simply take a screwdriver and reach to the screw at the bottom of this side of the brake. Tighten it by rotating it in the clockwise direction about half a turn. Now move to the other side of the brake that is not fixed. Look at its screw and loosen it. All you need to do is to rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction to about half a turn. Now go ahead and try the brakes by checking it. If the problem is persistent, do tighten the screw of the fixed side by rotating another half a turn in clockwise direction, and do loosen the other screw by moving another half turn.

Give the brakes another try to check its accuracy. If you feel that more adjustments are to be done, turn the screws accordingly by trying the brakes each time you rotate the respective screws. A time comes when the fixed end is not frozen anymore. Lift the tyre up, rotate it with your hand and apply brakes. Here you go. Just by a simple screwdriver, you can set your brakes anytime and anywhere you want, provided that you know the procedure to do it. Just be sure to turn the screws to a reasonable degree. Do turn both of the screws equally in a fixed proportion.

Your bike no longer disturbs your ride. This is the time to mount your bike and set off for an enjoyable ride with your friends or siblings. Go to the market to buy stuff or go to the parks to enjoy weather. Your brakes are no longer going to annoy you. Just keep a screw driver with you and feel free to flee wherever you want. Knowledge about setting your brakes is very necessary that has been provided in a very comprehensible manner in the former description.

How to Ride Uphill In a Mountain Bike?

Mountain Biking is a great source pleasure and time pass for the bike enthusiasts. Well, the riders have to face both uphill and downhill in such a trip. Downhill ride is very entertaining where the uphill or climbing is a dreadful work. It is the step where you have to prove your highest possible strength and stamina as you are working against both the friction and gravity. If you know the proper tips and strategy, you can reduce the stress on your body while climbing or riding an uphill. Let’s have a look how to ride an uphill efficiently

How To Ride Uphill In A Mountain Bike?

3 Fundamental Equipment
If you want to ride and uphill without putting much pressure on your body, you should be equipped with the following three items:

  •  Adequate Physical Strength
  • Proper Gear Selection Skill
  •  Hill Climbing Strategy

If you are a bike enthusiast, it is expected that you have enough physical stamina to face such situation. If you lag behind, a few days of practice and workout may improve your situation. But the second and third skills will take some time and long practice to master. Let’s have a look at other important hardware items that is required for an efficient mountain bike ride.

Select The Proper Bike

Basically, there are two types of bikes: Road bikes and mountain bikes. There are a number of differences between these two kinds and you have to pick the appropriate mountain bike for you for such operation. If you make the wrong decision, it is near about impossible to ride the uphill.

The fundamental difference between road bikes and mountain bikes lays on their frame and tires. Mountain bikes have heavier frame and suspension to roll over any kind of surface where the light weight road bikes can roll on the smooth surface only. The wider tires of a mountain bike allow you sufficient traction to sustain the control, but the thin road bike tires will not provide you with that.

Gear Selection

Gear selection is the most important part of this ride because if you cannot select the appropriate gear, you cannot carry out the stress for a long time and will quit. You should imply the lower gears as soon as the road becomes inclined.

Hill Climbing Strategy
Convex Hills
Convex hills are steepest at the bottom and become shorter as soon as the rider approaches towards it. The main two components of riding such hills are speed and power. To climb a convex hill, you have to accelerate the speed by shifting down. Timing is important. If you shift to lower gears too early, you may get exhausted with frequent pedalling. If you are late, you may feel too much stress before even reaching the top.

Concave hills
Concave hills are steepest at the top and become taller as soon as the ride approaches towards the hill. As it is a different uphill, you need a different strategy than convex hills.
Two key strategies are required to climb a concave hill. The first one is keeping the speed steady. The second one is stand up on the pedal. You should approach the hill at a steady speed and continue the speed by shifting to lower gears. Standing on the pedals will allow you to imply some extra force in the pedal without putting much pressure as the whole body is already on it.

Pedal by your tow not by your heels. Thus, you can apply your both thy and calf muscles and distribute the stress. Be aware of the edges and stay at a safe distance.

How To Chose Your Bike Frame?

The frame is the most important part of a bike. Choosing a right frame is very important as all other components will rely on it the bike’s performance is severely dependable on it. Bike manufacturers provide the range of frames according to your height, but in some case, these are not applicable. Following tips will help you to pick the perfect bike frame for you.

Determine Your Requirement

First of all, determine what kind of bike you are looking for. If you want a bike for regular commuting in the city, the road bike will be your match. If you want to go for a long ride in off trails, a mountain bike will be best for you. If you want to do both, go for a hybrid bike.

Size of Frame

Every frame has a rider range. To determine the approximate frame size for you, you have to do some measurement. Take the length of your inner legs in inches. If you are looking for a mountain bike, deduct 12 inches. In the case of road bikes, deduct 9 inches. So, if you have a 34 inch long inner legs, the mountain bike frame size for you will be 22 inches and road bike frame size for you will be 25 inches. Again, when you stand on bikes top tube, both of your feet will touch the in full-fat position and there is sufficient space for you between the handlebar and seat. Again, your seat position will be such that you have a minimum clearance between the top tube and seat. For a mountain bike, this clearance should be 3 to 5 inches and for the road bike, it should be 2 to 4 inches. Mountain bikes require the extra clearance as they have to experience much rough surface. The rest is up to you. If you want to ride in a more upright position, buy a taller frame. In this case, you will lose the aerodynamic facility.

Handle Bar and Seat

Handlebar and seat of a bike also play a vital role for a rider. The position of the handlebar and seat changes depending upon your bike’s category. The road bike riders usually prefer a down turned handle where they can get low in the saddle. This position allows them a comfortable riding position. The flat handlebar is favoured by the mountain bike riders as they have to manoeuvre in some uneven surface and terrain. Their seats are comfortable to absorb shocks from the rough trails. These seats come with a gel padding, cushioning and in such a shape that allow maximum comfort to the rider while underway.

Suspension Facility

Mountain, hybrid and comfort bikes allocate suspension in their design. These suspension forks are installed to reduce the vibration and shock when you ride over the rocks and uneven off-road trails. Comfort bikes are the best option for the beginners as their suspension is much better for this kind of rider. The suspension varies from model to model and in different brands. Some bike has two wheel suspensions, but most of the bike comes with front suspension only.

Your Cycling Requirement

What kind of frame will you buy? Before asking that question, ask yourself, why you are buying the frame? Do you have any special requirement? If you get the answer, it will be easier for you to pick up the bike frame material. The most robust and durable frame material is titanium. Professional riders use this material for the strongest frame and sometimes mix it with aluminium or carbon fibre to avail a lightweight but strong frame. For a regular rider, steel is used in most of the frame. You can pick up from carbon steel and molybdenum steel. Although molybdenum steel is a bit lighter, they both are very strong.
These are the major facts you should consider while buying a bike frame. You do not have to maintain these points every time. If you get a bike frame which you can maneuver easily and you are comfortable with it, just go for that one.

Why Kids Love Cycling?

It is a common scenario that people especially kids ride the bicycle in the neighbourhood all the time. Kids speed up, chase down, do the stunt and try to develop their skills in cycling all the time. A smiley giggling is always found while pedalling ensures that they are having a great time with their cycle. You may wonder why kids use to ride the cycle day after day and do not turn into any other games. The psychologist found some great reason behind this unconditional love of the kids for cycling. Let’s have a look at the reasons:

1.They Experience Freedom
This is the most important reason for which children subconsciously love cycling so much. A ride, a handlebar to control and a pair of the pedal to go anywhere they want gives them the first sweet taste of freedom in their life. Most of the time kids remain ion home or school; they get a very little time to hang out with their buddies. In this little while, they get the sweetest feeling of freedom with their bike. They may not recognise why they love cycling so much, but they surely enjoy the little freedom that receives from cycling.

2. Means Of Transportation

Having your own ride is a great feeling. You do not need to wait for the bus, you do not need to worry about reaching in time and you do not need to worry about the weather. If you can remember the first day you learnt driving your own car, then you will surely understand why kids like their own car which is a bicycle. Kids love their bike and cycling because they get a lot of freedom in moving on their own. Not only that, they can even go to school, playground or friend’s birthday party in the fraction of the time they previously required.

3. Show Off Tendency
More or less every human has a tendency to show off his skills and capabilities. In case of kids, the one who can do a back wheel stunt or can jump off a kerb, get more appreciation in his society. Again, if a kid has a bike with a colourful frame or a BMX grip, it becomes a great element to show off for him.

4. Fun And Exercise
Kids may not realise, but they surely do like the exercise from a bicycle. If you present a stationary bike in his bedroom, it may remain unused. Give him a BMX and leave him in a state park, I am sure you will not see him again until the dark. Kids do not want to do exercise under the name of Exercise but give them a bike. He will do it alone all by himself as well as enjoy his time very much.

Cycling is a great source of entertainment as well as physical exercise. By cycling, kids get more synchronization in their control and ability. Again, exercise will release the chemical to eradicate the stress level. Give your kid a bike, show him how to stay safe on the road, put a helmet on his head, the rest physical and mental growth will be associated with the bike itself.


Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike Review

The Diamondback Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike is a comfortable, sturdy, reliable, and smooth ride for anyone looking for a durable, dynamic bicycle with hybrid features. Customers can expect easy transitions throughout the 7 gears included with this bicycle, as the Diamondback's drive-train relies on Shimano components and steel arm cranks to ensure dialing up and down as you change environments or decide to engage hills—making it all the more pleasurable of a ride! The Shimano 7-speed twist shifters make shifting gears more practical, and without much, if any resistance at all while riding dependent upon the levels of incline/decline.

Comfort and stability are provided when riding this Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle, as it's aluminum suspension parts and 700c “road-bike” like tires give way to consistent turning, power control, cornering, and turbulence avoidance. The 63mm travel fork built into this Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle ensures a reliable, sturdy interaction between the body of the bicycle, the controls, wheels, and braking system. Like the SSW700 Double Tunnel alloy rims, this bicycle is designed to last for many years, remain consistent in performance, and leave you satisfied!

While the diamondback hybrid bike is designed for typical day to day commuting and hobby use, it also provides a certain level of stability and safety for taking it off of general terrain and perhaps onto well balanced gravel. The design and combination of Kenda Cross tires with linear-pull brakes ensures consistent, powerful and accurate stopping power, no matter where you're going or what the road might throw your way!

Prominent Feature of the Diamondback Hybrid Bike

Customers will find that switching between gears on the diamondback hybrid bike is a breeze, and is nearly as easy as 'pushing a button'! This says a lot, as many bikes have functionality discrepancies with gear-shifting or are considered on the more 'difficult end' of functionality.

Benefits of Customer when using Diamondback Edgewood 2015 Complete Hybrid Bike

Riders will get to enjoy a sturdy, enjoyable, and comfortable yet safe experience when riding the diamondback hybrid bike. The DB Deluxe, double-density saddle provides added comfort for long-distance riding, and the steel riser handlebars ensure better posture, as well as overall control of your riding experience! Not only is the diamondback hybrid bike reliable and quality, but it's also very stylish and easy to take on the go or commute with to and from work or home!

Customers know when buying and riding Edgewood bicycles that they get a consistently premium quality product, riding experience, and dynamic built frame for swift travel and consistently safe control of their bicycle!

Pro's and Con's

  • The diamondback hybrid bike is not only good on the road and different terrains, but also very stylish, yet still extremely durable!. It's important to appreciate that you're receiving a premium built bicycle. The diamondback hybrid bike has a strong gear set and simply put; an all-around value for your money!
  • Realistically speaking, any product is prone to it's fair share of 'downfalls' when it comes to performance or build. However, it's likewise essential that as a customer you do your due diligence in reviewing various diamondback hybrid bike reviews to determine whether or not it's a perfect fit for you. Some users, with discretion, have complained that the diamondback hybrid bike does not include a kick-stand. However, many serious bicyclers do not want the added weight or obstruction of a kick-stand and this was taken into consideration upon design and manufacturing of the diamondback hybrid bike. Any concerns of gear-shifting sounds or tightness should be directly addressed through Customer Service or a reputable bicycle repair shop for adjustment as needed, as such experiences as not necessarilly 'unusual' when first 'breaking in' a new, premium built bicycle.

Product Manual

The product manual included with the diamondback hybrid bicycle is very descriptive, clearly outlines all of the various parts via diagrams, manufacturer details, and how to effectively repair, modify, or otherwise troubleshoot any experiences or concerns that you might have.

Maintenance Guide, Hygienic Care

Customers should take special care of their diamondback hybrid bicycle by ensuring they protect it from winter-like elements, keeping their bicycle dry, protected from unruly cold weather, and any other conditions that might otherwise lead to rust or poor functionality and dangerous conditions. Diamondback hybrid bike reviews reflect that the best possible care is that in which normal maintenandce, tire pressure checking, and tightening of bolts and screws are applied as-needed


The Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle carries the prestigious name of premium quality, manufacturing technique, design, and riding-experience?

The diamondback hybrid bike is essentially designed for terrains that are well-cemented, or flat and smooth dirt?


If you're seeking an easy to maintain, comfortable, durable, and reliable ride, then the Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle is likely a perfect fit for you! these bicycles are designed with dynamic features and materials to minimize weight, while maximizing safety and a pleasurable riding experience!