How to Take Care of a Bicycle Puncture with Just a Pump?

On a Sunday ride trip with my friend Christos, his bike got a puncture. We realized that we had not carried any extra tubes with us. Unfortunately, we didn’t also have all the repair tools, which is why I have a determined fortitude to take my mere chances and not cancel this training session

Too bad, that wasn't our day. Christos’s bike got a puncture and I had to ride all way home for repair tools since he had not carried any spare parts for a bike puncture repair. He had only carried a pump. Had I read through this guide earlier, I would have turned the bike round and repaired it without having any problem. By following the instructions in this post, you’ll easily repair you bike even if you don’t have the necessary tools. These instructions are truly effective and less costly.

Actually, repairing a puncture with just a pump is like an impossibility to most people. Well, it isn’t for you can perfectly repair a bike puncture using just a pump. This article discusses steps with which if you follow, you’ll be able to fix a puncture in no time. The guide has been proven and is used by experts. Here it is:

  • Take the wheel and the tire off the bike using your hands. Spanners would make this step easier. Here you have to be a bit humid for it entails a little pain on fingers.
  • Fill some air in the wheel using the pump. This is done for you to see where the hole is. Actually, this is the most vital part of the process. You would need a pump to identify the real point where there’s a hole.
  • Cut the tire using your teeth, specifically at the point where the hole is. In normal circumstances, you would need a razor blade, but you can do this without it.
  • Link the tire firmly, using a clear-cut knot. Fixing it with glue would rather be effective.
  • Place the tire back, fill it with air, and astonishingly the tire would have been fixed. Make sure you perfectly fix the bike into position since failure to do so mean more punctures.

The intriguing part is that, possibly, the tire will continue to work properly for a long time. However, this method of repairing bike punctures is suitable for those who are on a long journey, but then unexpectedly get punctures while they aren’t prepared for the repair. It is appropriate or a savior where necessary tools are not available.

When my friend and I tried this procedure, it effectively worked. In fact, hours after we went back for another ride, the tire was still okay. However, I advised Chris to insert a new tire considering the fact that we had to go for trips regularly.

Actually, I’ve been into triathlon and cycling for more than 20 years and I have never heard of or ever seen a technique that is awesome like this one. Actually, I’ve realized that there are many little tricks, pointers and techniques in the bike sporting industry that could blow our minds away. Also, I accepted that I still have a lot more to learn about bikes. There are many people like us today, who begin their training without their tire repair work set. Also, there are some individuals who do not know how they can fix a tire, even if they have a tire repair service set with them.

Visiting our site often will help them learn new tips on how they can fix bike punctures. This technique for instance, can save you in times like when you’re on a long journey but you don’t have the apt tools to help you fix simple bike repairs. This tips actually makes you realize that you can do most bike repairs even in times when you have little or no repair tools and spare parts. In addition it is appropriate for those who take part in long distance bike races for it can help them when their bike tires get punctures. This is why you should visit our site more often for more tips.

Paula R. Buckland

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