How to Keep Your Bike Safe?

Bike owners always wish that they keep their bikes safe and free from theft. Actually, owning a bike is not-so important but many times bike owners fall in love with their bikes. To some of them, losing the bike means losing a big fortune in their lives, which is why they always strive to keep the bikes safe. In recent days, there are plenty of headlines in the news, which shows an increase in burglar cases.

Every year thousands of bikes are stole from cities across the UK. They are filched from stairwells outside individuals' apartments, from bike shelves in office parking areas and even from sheds in people's supposedly risk-free back yards. No place is secure from bike burglars. The advantage with stealing bikes is that they’re light and could therefore, be hidden in the rear of a van very fast. They’re usually not firmly bound and can thus, be stolen using easy screw cutters. Also, once they’re stolen they’re easily broken into separate components, which are used to assemble brand-new bikes, making it difficult to trace it.

What can one do to make it harder or impossible for burglars to get their hands on a bike, steal and get away with it? Well, in this post we give detailed clues on how you can keep your bike safe and free from burglary.

Use Huge chain

In the modern society, bike theft is an opportunist criminal offense. It entails simply holding on a bike which is not bound or secured and riding away. To prevent this offense from happening, it is necessary that you go through a routine of securing your bike every time, using an excellent chain or shackle. Even if you are leaving your bike for a few seconds or you just want to purchase a pint of milk, ensure that it is locked. Choosing a huge bike lock is very important since it offer more security than small one. Taking 'Cord' chains as an example, they resemble a knotted rope of steel, which is flexible and very tough to reduce. Standard web link chains on the other hand are strong but should be made of 'hardened steel' and must have a tiny void between the web links to stop them from being reduced. Whichever sort of chain you go for, just ensure it is of high quality.

Keep Your Bike Inside

If you reside in a dodgy location or there is no place where you chain up your bike, consider keeping your bike indoors. While this may be unwise for individuals with shacks and apartments or those bothered with making their residence filthy, it is still among the most effective means to guarantee your bike’s safety.

Use a City Bike

One final method you must consider is, if you stay in a city where there is an area bike scheme like those in Barcelona, make use of them. Individual who have actually had their bike stolen a number of times are most likely to use services provided by such agencies.

Actually, the basis of keeping your bike safe and free from theft depends on the preliminary precautionary steps you take. Although the use of chains may not be so effective, it helps a lot and should therefore, not be ignored. Also, where you keep your bike during the day and most importantly, during the night determine how secure your bike will be. Essentially, you should just ensure that your bike is kept indoors any time it is not being used.

If you take hybrid bikes for instance, they’re lighter and can easily be stolen even if the biggest and heaviest chain is used. This is why it is recommended that you keep lighter bikes indoors. Basically, the model of the bike plays a big role in determine the kind security measure taken. Heavier bikes can be left outdoor provided they’re tied on stuck bodies with hard chains.

By procuring a huge hard chain for your bike together with keeping your bike in a shelf indoors, especially when you aren’t using will help reduce the chances of your bike being stolen. All the same, you must remain watchful when resting in the street after a long ride.

Paula R. Buckland

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