How to Fix Loud Squealing Screeching Bike Brakes?

Imagine that you enjoying a sound ride in a pleasant weather and suddenly when you apply brakes, it makes a sharp squealing noise. It will be really an embarrassing moment for sure. In order to avoid such an embarrassment, you need to do a simple treatment to your costly bike. Within no time you will be saved from such an embarrassment of hearing such screeching noises of your bike brakes in front of your companions or relatives. Your bike is no doubt your self-respect and its grace is your dignity.


The main cause of such a sharp noise may be the dirt accumulating on the rim of the tyre. If you clear the rim, the noise will be finished and you will be able to enjoy your sound ride. All you need to do is to take a bottle of rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol. That bottle may be easily available from any of the nearby pharmacy or local drug store. Take out a little bit of alcohol from the bottle on a little piece of rag and rub the surface of the rim where the brake pad hits. Go all the way round and clean the dirt thoroughly. Do the same on the other side of the tyre so that all of the dirt is removed. Scrubbing the rim will get all of the old dirt off the rim of your precious bike.



The next step that you are supposed to do is to clean off the dirt from the surface of the brake pads where they hit the rim. The easiest and most suitable manner to do this is to remove the tyre first. Then take a little bit of alcohol on the rag once again and scrub down the surface of brake pads so that the dirt, that is the sole cause of such embarrassing sounds, is removed.

Here we go. Now fix the tyre and go for the test drive. Do apply brakes to make a quick test. If the problem persists, you need not worry. All you need to do is to make a little more adjustments. Written below is what you need to do next.


Remove the tyre once again and take a little piece of sand paper. Scrub the surface of brakes with this paper where they contact the rim. Rub slowly and thoroughly so that the surfaces are made clean. Rubbing also makes these surfaces rough because they become smooth when used frequently. Go on and rough up the entire surface of brake pads where they hit the rim surface. Fix the tyre and do take a test drive. If the squealing voice is persistent then you need to do the next step.

Now what you need to do is to move the front of brake pad a little inside. For this purpose, take a penny and stick it between the brake pad and the rim on the backside. What next you got to do is to loosen the brake. Just loosen it a little bit and then tighten it with the penny inside so that the front part of the brake pad hits the rim surface first when brakes are applied. Do the same procedure on the brake pad of another side of the tyre. Insert the penny on the backside of the rim, loosen the brake and then tighten it so that the front part comes in contact with the rim first.

Mount the bike and take a test drive. Apply brakes and check. If the problem is again rising, do not take tension. Be ready for the next simple step.

Take brand new brake pads and install them to your bike. The installing procedure involves the same mechanism of using a penny inside. Install both sides of brakes with a penny between the rim and brake surface of both sides. Then try the brakes once again. Here we go. You are going to notice that brakes are nice and quiet now. This is all how you fix the squealing brakes of your precious hybrid bike.

It is the time to come out on the roads and enjoy your adventurous ride with a new fervour.

Paula R. Buckland

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