How to Fix Hybrid/Mountain Bike V Brakes Rubbing On One Side

Most of the hybrid bikes possess V brakes for reliable and safe performance. These brakes have a greater efficiency and are more proficient. Given below is the comprehensive detail of how to fix such v brakes if they are rubbing on one side of the tyre.

Despite their greater efficiency, V brakes sometimes are rubbing on one side of the tyre that produces friction and hinders the free motion of your bike. In such a case, one side brake is moving while the other side doesn’t show motion at all and is constantly in contact with the surface of the tyre of your bike.

You need not worry about such a problem if you are facing it. Don’t think of the wastage of your precious money on such an expensive and luxurious bike. You need to relax and follow some of the simple steps to get the issue resolved. Within no time you will be able to enjoy your blissful ride once again over the lush roads with a new passion and enthusiasm.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do in order to fix this problem is to release the skewer to make sure that the tyre is centred. Release the skewer and fix the position of the tyre so that it comes in its central position where it is supposed to be. Tighten the skewer back up again. Rotate the tyre and check its rotational movement. If the problem is solved then you are done. Otherwise, you need to make some further changes in order to get the problem solved. This isn’t a big issue.

Now you have to make some adjustments to the brakes. Reach out to the side of the brake that is not showing movement. You need to pull it out. Simply take a screwdriver and reach to the screw at the bottom of this side of the brake. Tighten it by rotating it in the clockwise direction about half a turn. Now move to the other side of the brake that is not fixed. Look at its screw and loosen it. All you need to do is to rotate it in an anti-clockwise direction to about half a turn. Now go ahead and try the brakes by checking it. If the problem is persistent, do tighten the screw of the fixed side by rotating another half a turn in clockwise direction, and do loosen the other screw by moving another half turn.

Give the brakes another try to check its accuracy. If you feel that more adjustments are to be done, turn the screws accordingly by trying the brakes each time you rotate the respective screws. A time comes when the fixed end is not frozen anymore. Lift the tyre up, rotate it with your hand and apply brakes. Here you go. Just by a simple screwdriver, you can set your brakes anytime and anywhere you want, provided that you know the procedure to do it. Just be sure to turn the screws to a reasonable degree. Do turn both of the screws equally in a fixed proportion.

Your bike no longer disturbs your ride. This is the time to mount your bike and set off for an enjoyable ride with your friends or siblings. Go to the market to buy stuff or go to the parks to enjoy weather. Your brakes are no longer going to annoy you. Just keep a screw driver with you and feel free to flee wherever you want. Knowledge about setting your brakes is very necessary that has been provided in a very comprehensible manner in the former description.

Paula R. Buckland

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