How to Fix A Sticky Freewheel

Let us find the solution of a simple and minor problem of your costly bike. This article is concerned with the procedure of cleaning and lubing a sticky freewheel that is gummed up with the old grease and cannot move freely. Of course, you are going to require a greater force for riding such a bike. That may seem to be a minor issue but it really needs to be fixed because it would only get worse day by day.

Do a simple test. Rotate the tyre and note its motion. If the tyre is gummed up, it would slow down quicker than normal. Remove the tyre and hold it from the axle and rotate. It would stop soon. Rotate the free wheel and see how fast it stops. All these simple tests confirm one thing that the tyre is gummed up with grease and needs to be treated. Written below are some simple steps to get rid of such a problem.

Unscrew the freewheel in order to clean the grease. Different freewheels require different types of tools to unscrew them from the wheel. Choose the appropriate tools for your bike to unscrew freewheel.

Once you loosen the screw, spin the freewheel off the tyre. Take the freewheel out. What next you have to do is to take the WD-40 and spray it on the ball bearings of freewheel. Rotate the freewheel continuously with the help of your hands. This rotation will allow the WD-40 to enter deep into the bearings. Old grease and dirt is cleaned off and rotation becomes fast, smooth and resistance free. Keep on spraying WD-40 until the rotation becomes fast enough. Then take a paper towel and wipe out the excess WD-40 because it is a good solvent and is not good for the ball bearings. It is not essentially a good lubricant for the bearings for a longer time. Tap the freewheel for some time on the paper towel so that WD-40 comes out of the cracks. If possible, use compressed air to blow down the cracks so that all of the WD-40 comes out and leaves the surfaces neat and clean. We want to get all of it out of there.

The next step is to lubricate the freewheel. For this purpose, you may use the phil tenacious oil and pour down into the ball bearings and rotate it so that the oil reaches in the deeper parts and all the articulating surfaces are lubricated well. Keep on applying the oil unless it comes out from the other side. Do rotate the freewheel with hand to get the uniform distribution of the lubricant. When you clearly see the oil coming out from the other side, you can be assured of the thorough distribution of oil inside. This method will give your bike a maximum speed and a uniform and smooth ride. After this, using a paper towel, you can wipe out all of the excess oil to get surface clean. Again tap down the freewheel to extract out the oil from the cracks. Now as you know, you have to fix the freewheel on the wheel. Use your tool. Fix the skewer so that it doesn’t slip off. Tighten the freewheel with the tools and remove the tool.

Now it’s the time to mount the wheel on your bike. Take your bike and fix the wheel carefully. Take care of the exact position where the wheel is supposed to be fixed. Tighten the nuts with a force so that they don’t get loose while riding. It may be dangerous for you. Give your wheel a spin. You will surely notice that it spins much smoother now. This is how to fix a sticky freewheel. Now mount on your beloved bike and go for a lovely ride with your friends.

Every problem comes with a solution. All you need is to have the necessary ken to deal with such problems. I hope this article helps you to fix this issue with your bikes.

Paula R. Buckland

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