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Best Cycling Gloves | Top 3 Cycling Glove Reviews

People wear cycling gloves for a number of different reasons. Some people wear them to protect their hands against the weather, some people wear them because they look cool, and some people wear them for comfort and to gain more grip. Whatever your reasons for wearing cycling gloves, the gloves that you choose will need to be durable if they are to withstand daily use and long distance rides, and that’s just one thing to look for when you are choosing the best cycling gloves for you.

In this best cycling gloves review, we will explain more about what to look for in cycling gloves and we review five of the best cycling gloves that are available on the market today.

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What to Love About Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike

Men have always been associated with cycling. For a child, learning how to bike is like a rite of passage that dictates whether he is already strong enough to pedal and ride on his own. It is like a transition of a man from childhood to adulthood. There are several models of bike out in the market, and most of the time, manufacturers simply want their own to hold the spotlight, coming up with innovations and technology that makes bicycles much more complex than just two-wheeled vehicle which you can use to transport from one place to another. A lot of contemporary bikes now has features that are distinct from the other, but there is this one bike that possibly stands out from the rest.What is this bike, you ask? It is the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike. It is a custom-built bike that carries a lot of amazing features and specifications, tailor-fitted to meet the demands and needs of a modern man. There is no denying that the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid bike is one of the best commuter bikes out in the market. While there are a lot of other bikes out there with a more luxurious feature, this bike will definitely give you more than what you expect if you’re eyeing on the practicality of use. Below are top three reasons why this bike is should definitely land in your options, should you consider buying a bike of your own: Continue reading

Review of Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike

Schwinn is one of the oldest and most highly respected manufacturers of bikes in the US, so it should come as no surprise that the Schwinn Discover women's hybrid bike is one of the best hybrid commuter bikes for women on the market today.

The Schwinn discover women's hybrid bike is a stylish looking bike that will take you effortlessly to work or on a weekend cycling trip. It is a bike that really deserves the name “hybrid”. With the Discover Women's hybrid bike, Schwinn have managed to combine all the features of a mountain bike and a touring bike in one great all-rounder of a ladies bike.

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Schwinn Women’s Wayfare Hybrid Bike Sage, Green Review


A best thing doesn’t actually need an introduction. Schwinn women’s bike is the most suitable simple machine with a lot of benefits summed up in a single and small thing. Uniqueness and quietness are its distinct qualities.

  • It offers a lifetime warranty provided that you own this bike.
  • Seven speed Shifters allow you to maintain your speed during cycling.
  • Alloy brakes for front and rear wheels.
  • Green in colour
  • Frame of lightweight steel and thus easy to handle
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Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bike Review

Anyone serious about cycling and wanting an all-around flexible, reliable, and durable bike should consider The Northwoods Ladies Springdale 21 Speed Hybrid Bike. This bike is made for both leisure and long distance cycling or exercise. With up to 21 speeds, it's easy to shift between gears as necessary through various terrains.

The most popular (and currently available) color for this bike is white. This bicycle elegantly shines best through it's toned white to black to brown color-scheme that provides both a lavish style and appearance. The seat included with this bike is a nice cushiony brown, with a leather appearance.

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Training Mentally for Tough Rides

Danelle Kabush is a life-long athlete, a mother, and a mental performance consultant, and like us, she loves to have a nice ride on a good old two-wheeler. She is a pro-XTERRA triathlete and knows just how to survive the toughest of rides.

We can all learn from her and she’s certainly more than willing to share really useful tips. Here are some that will help you train your brain for even the most difficult rides.

Expect the Worst

A good ride is the result of calculating your routes, planning what you eat, and positive thinking. Now while optimism is all good in this regard, it also helps that you expect to encounter some bad moments throughout your ride.

Prepare yourself for such instances by knowing that the trek can end up a little difficult at some point. This is true especially when you get past three-quarters of the route, and mental and emotional preparedness for this will make it easier for you to get through the bad parts. Continue reading

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