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The Advantages of a Full Suspension Mountain Bike

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advantages-full-suspension-mountain-bikeBoth the hardtail mountain bike and the full suspension bike have their place in the world of mountain biking, but the full suspension mountain bike has some distinct advantages when it comes to riding over tough, rocky, difficult terrain. Here’s a summary of the main positive benefits that you will get from a full suspension bike.

Mountain biking is a rough, tough sport, but that doesn’t mean that you need experience constant pain to have fun! Having both front and rear suspensions will, without a doubt, make the ride a lot smoother and it won’t jar your body so much. It means that you will be able to stay seated on your bike more often when the hardtail riders have to stand on their pedals for much of a trail ride.

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How to select a Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike for you

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If you have decided that a full suspension mountain bike is what you want, you will then have to decide which of the many options will be the right ones for you. To help you make your mind up, here is a brief guide to some other things that you will need to consider.

Consider the type of riding you want to do
There are different types of full suspension bikes for different styles of riding and one of the differences between them is the amount of travel on the suspension. Typically, a cross-country bike will have around 100mm of travel while a trail riding bike will have more like 130mm. There are also bikes that are designed specifically for ednuro or all-mountain, and downhill. Do a bit of research on the type of riding that you want to do before you start to look or the best mountain bike for you.



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The Differences Between a Full Suspension Mountain Bike and Hardtail Mountain Bike


I. Review of 3 of the Best Commuter Bikes


A Dual Full Suspension Mountain Bike

When you are new to the world of mountain biking, terms like full suspension, hardtail, dropper posts and lockouts can all be a bit confusing. So, in this article, we will explain what exactly a full suspension mountain bike is, outline what the main differences are between a full suspension mountain bike and a hardtail mountain bike, and tell you about two of the best full suspension mountain bikes that are on the market today.

We will discuss the differences between a hardtail and a full suspension mountain bike later on in this article, but as the names imply, the main difference lies in the bike’s suspension. A hardtail bike has suspension on the front fork only, whereas, a full suspension bike has suspension on both the front and the rear. Continue reading