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Diamondback Bicycles 2015 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike Review

The Diamondback Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike is a comfortable, sturdy, reliable, and smooth ride for anyone looking for a durable, dynamic bicycle with hybrid features. Customers can expect easy transitions throughout the 7 gears included with this bicycle, as the Diamondback's drive-train relies on Shimano components and steel arm cranks to ensure dialing up and down as you change environments or decide to engage hills—making it all the more pleasurable of a ride! The Shimano 7-speed twist shifters make shifting gears more practical, and without much, if any resistance at all while riding dependent upon the levels of incline/decline.

Comfort and stability are provided when riding this Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle, as it's aluminum suspension parts and 700c “road-bike” like tires give way to consistent turning, power control, cornering, and turbulence avoidance. The 63mm travel fork built into this Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle ensures a reliable, sturdy interaction between the body of the bicycle, the controls, wheels, and braking system. Like the SSW700 Double Tunnel alloy rims, this bicycle is designed to last for many years, remain consistent in performance, and leave you satisfied!

While the diamondback hybrid bike is designed for typical day to day commuting and hobby use, it also provides a certain level of stability and safety for taking it off of general terrain and perhaps onto well balanced gravel. The design and combination of Kenda Cross tires with linear-pull brakes ensures consistent, powerful and accurate stopping power, no matter where you're going or what the road might throw your way!

Prominent Feature of the Diamondback Hybrid Bike

Customers will find that switching between gears on the diamondback hybrid bike is a breeze, and is nearly as easy as 'pushing a button'! This says a lot, as many bikes have functionality discrepancies with gear-shifting or are considered on the more 'difficult end' of functionality.

Benefits of Customer when using Diamondback Edgewood 2015 Complete Hybrid Bike

Riders will get to enjoy a sturdy, enjoyable, and comfortable yet safe experience when riding the diamondback hybrid bike. The DB Deluxe, double-density saddle provides added comfort for long-distance riding, and the steel riser handlebars ensure better posture, as well as overall control of your riding experience! Not only is the diamondback hybrid bike reliable and quality, but it's also very stylish and easy to take on the go or commute with to and from work or home!

Customers know when buying and riding Edgewood bicycles that they get a consistently premium quality product, riding experience, and dynamic built frame for swift travel and consistently safe control of their bicycle!

Pro's and Con's

  • The diamondback hybrid bike is not only good on the road and different terrains, but also very stylish, yet still extremely durable!. It's important to appreciate that you're receiving a premium built bicycle. The diamondback hybrid bike has a strong gear set and simply put; an all-around value for your money!
  • Realistically speaking, any product is prone to it's fair share of 'downfalls' when it comes to performance or build. However, it's likewise essential that as a customer you do your due diligence in reviewing various diamondback hybrid bike reviews to determine whether or not it's a perfect fit for you. Some users, with discretion, have complained that the diamondback hybrid bike does not include a kick-stand. However, many serious bicyclers do not want the added weight or obstruction of a kick-stand and this was taken into consideration upon design and manufacturing of the diamondback hybrid bike. Any concerns of gear-shifting sounds or tightness should be directly addressed through Customer Service or a reputable bicycle repair shop for adjustment as needed, as such experiences as not necessarilly 'unusual' when first 'breaking in' a new, premium built bicycle.

Product Manual

The product manual included with the diamondback hybrid bicycle is very descriptive, clearly outlines all of the various parts via diagrams, manufacturer details, and how to effectively repair, modify, or otherwise troubleshoot any experiences or concerns that you might have.

Maintenance Guide, Hygienic Care

Customers should take special care of their diamondback hybrid bicycle by ensuring they protect it from winter-like elements, keeping their bicycle dry, protected from unruly cold weather, and any other conditions that might otherwise lead to rust or poor functionality and dangerous conditions. Diamondback hybrid bike reviews reflect that the best possible care is that in which normal maintenandce, tire pressure checking, and tightening of bolts and screws are applied as-needed


The Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle carries the prestigious name of premium quality, manufacturing technique, design, and riding-experience?

The diamondback hybrid bike is essentially designed for terrains that are well-cemented, or flat and smooth dirt?


If you're seeking an easy to maintain, comfortable, durable, and reliable ride, then the Edgewood diamondback hybrid bicycle is likely a perfect fit for you! these bicycles are designed with dynamic features and materials to minimize weight, while maximizing safety and a pleasurable riding experience!


How To Reduce Redness In Morning Bike Ride?

In the temperate countries, it is a very common scenario that the face of the riders becomes reddish or red after a cycle ride. If you are one of the victims of this problem, you can easily eliminate such situation. You can take measures in your home before the ride and during the ride to eradicate this problem. Again, a few steps may make the problem disappear very quickly.

After a cycle ride, red or reddish skin is a very painful experience for every rider. A little consciousness can save you from this trouble. Today I am going to give you five fundamental tips to combat this situation. Let’s begin:

1. Maintain Food Habit Before The Ride:
You have to take several measures in the home to avoid red skin problem. First one is the food habit before leaving the home. Do not consume anything which affects body temperature and blood circulation. Cut out spicy foods like oily curries and chilies before the ride. If you want a better result, you have to replace the spicy foods with apple, melon, spinach and other natural fruits and juices. Within a week, you will notice a better skin condition. Not only preventing the redness, this food habit will keep your skin healthy and bright.

2. Water Is The Best Cure
Drink plenty of water and let your immune system do the rest. If you drink an adequate amount of water, your body will remain cool. Your skin will not be reddish and dry instead it will keep your cheek pink and body hydrated. If your body becomes dehydrated, the skin will be dry and it will be much easier to burn. Plenty of water will let your immune system work properly and your inner defense mechanism will stand against the skin burn.

3. Proper Implementation of Sunscreen

Do not leave your skin in the open sun, especially in the sun after 10am and top sun. Try to use every possible shade to keep your skin away from the sunlight. While riding, if you do not feel burn, rather enjoy the mild, cool and gentle breeze that means the sunlight are not strong enough to burn your skin.

4. Beauty Regime
Well, you may wonder how it is related to your reddish skin. You know everyday dead skin molecules are falling down from our skin. If you can do the exfoliation, it will be much better for you. After that process, your skin will be less sensitive to the sun and if you get any tan, it will be light brown instead of reddish, dry skin.

5. Proper Medication
If you face the flushing problem, you can undergo a proper medication. It is recommended not to use medicine for a slight flushing. The elements that make your blood vessels dilutee like clonidine, beta blockers can be used to make your face normal for a short amount of time. Be careful about the side effect of such products.
It is very common that after a ride, you will suffocate a little and your skin will be a little redder than other time. In the difficult part of your ride, your pressure will increase and your face will be a little reddish. But if you face such problem after the ride or feel any burning sensation, do not ignore the issue anymore. Start with drinking plenty of water. Avoid spicy foods, especially before a ride. Use a shade under the sun. If your problem is severe and these processes fail to serve you, then you can go for proper medication under a registered physician.

Take Care of Your Motorcycle in This Winter!

With the twist of the wrist and slight nudge of feet, people love to get lost in the wilderness with their two wheel ride. Riding a motorcycle is a great source of fun. But surely you do not want to ruin the fun with a damaged motorcycle on the way. That is why maintenance of motorcycle is very important, especially in this winter where the possibility of frosty grip increases. You cannot stop some accident, but regular maintenance will prevent some common hazards of motorcycle. If you have not passed your bike through an overall servicing, pull out your tools and start with your bike locked in the garage.

Maintain Tire Pressure:
Before starting every ride, it is recommended to check the tire pressure. A perfect tire pressure according to your wheel capability will reduce the possibility of expensive tire flat situation. You do not have to do much for such test. A pencil size pressure gauge available in the nearest hardware store will do this for you. If you are an experienced rider, you measure the tire pressure with a small knock on the tire or your bikes balance. It is also very important to check the treads of the bike. If it is about 2mm, your tires are safe.

Lube Your Chain:
Lubing the chain is pretty important to increase the longevity of your motorbike chain. Whenever you run the engine and roll, the maximum friction goes over the chain which gradually may become weak. It is recommended to lube the chain after every ride. Yes, that is right. After every ride, lube your chain to have a smooth and long-lasting performance. Do not go so far, just use the commercial spray lube that is available in every bike shop. Cover the rim of rear wheel to save it from dirt.

Change Engine Oil:
The engine oil should be changed regularly. If you use the same old oil for a long time, there is a great possibility that it will corrode your engine and will lead to some more serious troubles. Your bike may lose its gas efficiency and air filter may get corroded. Do not overfill the engine; it can flood your air cleaner section. Keep in mind, oil filter changing is equally important as oil changing.

Brake Pad and Fluid:
As all the motorbikes are controlled with the hydraulic braking system, there are two fluids available in each bike. Front brake fluid and rear brake fluid. After a long time, it is the most convenient time to change the bikes fluid to have a smooth braking performance. Again, have a look at your brake pads. If it is rubbed more than 50%, try to set a new pair. It is very important for your safety as a new brake pad and fluid will surely give you a smoother and safer braking emergency in any kind of emergency.

Check The Fuel Lines:
First, inspect the fuel filter and make sure that it is not clogged. Check your fuel lines. Try to change your fuel lines in every 2 years. If you are running the bike after a long time, please drain out the old fuel from the fuel line and tank. Running a bike with old fuel will create many hazards in your engine. Refill the tank with new gas every time you run the bike after a long hibernation.

That’s all you need to know about maintaining your bike. Make sure your batteries are alive to allow you a good spark while starting. Try to talk to your nearest motor mechanic about your bike. If you follow the above mentioned tips, surely you will save a lot of money.

Upgrade Your Bike With Used Parts and Save Money!

If you are a bike enthusiasts, surely you want to upgrade you bike regularly. But if you really want to upgrade any portion rather than just change, an upgraded part may cause you a handsome amount of money. If you have a good eye for cycle parts, you can easily pick up second-hand gems and upgrade your bike with that. It will meet both your end and save you a large amount of money.

Upgrade Your Bike With Second-hand Parts

Let’s have a look at top 5 used bike parts that you can buy to upgrade your bike and save your money.

  • Bike Frame
    Well, now a hundred of bike frames are available in the market. So, surely you will find someone who is upgrading to the new frame and selling his old frame. You can change the exterior of your bike with a second-hand but quality frame without losing a lot of money. If you want to upgrade your bicycle with a different frame rather than expensive titanium or carbon fiber, you can easily pick a second-hand frame which will entirely change your riding experience.
  • Wheel set:
    Wheel set consist of hub, axis, quick release, bearing, rim, spokes, etc. Sometimes you may find that any part of your wheel set is severely damaged and cannot be repaired 100%. In that case, it will be wise to buy a second-hand wheel set or that specific part. Second-hand wheels are of great use if the previous owner wants to sell them to upgrade his one. It is recommended to check the wheel before buying it. You can try it on your own frame and have a test run if you want to be sure.
  • Crank Set:
    Second-hand cranks can also be a very good investment if you know where to put money. Like many other second-hand parts, cranks also should be inspected thoroughly before buying. Make sure your seller will take it back if you are unsatisfied. Thus, you can confirm that the crank will perform great otherwise he has to take it back. You have to keep your eyes open to find a perfect crank for you among the sellers. Most of the time, many women and children do not find the length of their stock crank satisfactory and sell them. Grab that opportunity and buy the perfect length for you. Thus, you can get a well conditioned crank without costing a fortune.
  • Forks:
    A brand new fork may cost you a grand, but you can easily buy a well conditioned second-hand forks. Make sure the owner is selling that fork to upgrade to a better one, not because the fork is not working well. Such investment will give you a quality product without spending much. For example: A brand new RockShox will cost you a lot, but a second-hand Rockshox will provide you a great support with a minimum price.
  • Pedal:
    Pedal are the most close in contact part of your cycle. The stock pedal provided with your bike may not be satisfactory to you. But buying a brand new expensive pedal will not be a good option too. Try to buy a second-hand pedal from the owner who is looking for a higher upgrade and make sure you are comfortable with your pedal.

Second-hand bike parts are very good investment if you are capable of inspecting a bike part properly. Many people sell their faulty parts while others trying to upgrade. Make sure you are not buying a faulty part. A good quality second-hand bike part is your best investment to upgrade your bike.

New Innovations in Bike Add-on

Enthusiastic bicyclists should be grateful for finding and utilizing the most recent innovations in bike devices. Suppliers are constantly pioneering, using modern technology to produce new gizmos for bicycles. Check out new developments to discover items that will certainly make your using encounter more enjoyable and at the same time difficult. This article focuses on some of these items:

1. Bonus Power

Electric bicycles could give added power to provide cyclists more miles or rate. Some individuals prefer the manual design, nevertheless. If you want to incorporate added power just when you need it on the steepest hills, there's a brand-new option for you. These cutting-edge gizmos mount conveniently on the seat blog post. When you require an improvement, simply flip a button or a roller, which reduces right into place, so it touches the top of the back tire. When you're done and ready to pedal by yourself power, relocate back up, so it no more touches the tire.

2. Integrated Front as well as Rear Lights

Lights are important bike devices for cyclists who ride in the dark. Nevertheless, these lights could create clutter on the handlebars. It is additionally feasible to lose them because of theft and damages. Instead of utilizing auxiliary illumination, take into consideration installing handlebars with built-in front as well as back lights. These lights are less obtrusive, and they are less likely to be harmed. Some styles even have built-in GPS and speedometer capacities. Pick from multi-color light bulbs for added functions.

3. Computer-Controlled Suspension

Striking bumps and potholes on the road while you are riding are never enjoyable. Some recent pattern designs have showcased computer-controlled suspension, yet it's never been readily available as a separate accessory. Convert an already existing fork to a computer-controlled layout. An integrated accelerometer will be able to identify and right away adapt to support you against shocks as well as jars.

4. Frame-Mounted Locking System

When it's time to safeguard your bicycle, a cutting-edge frame-mounted locking system will keep it risk-free from burglary. This particular sort of lock installs directly to the structure and enables you to lock it wirelessly with an application for your Smartphone. A unique detector in the program will surely notify you if the bike relocates while it is secured. You will definitely get a notice if an individual cuts the cable. A piercing alarm will positively interrupt the theft while you get an emergency notification sent out to your phone. You can also track your cycle's location with a general practitioner monitoring chip. This technology is truly awesome and you ought to try it out soonest.

5. Hand-Crank for A Lot More Power

Extra power is never a bad thing. Imagine that you’re pumping yourself up the steepest hills in document speed. Many thanks to the new hand crank on your handlebars. Releasing an arm to your power will unquestionably not only increase your speed, but also will it boost your workout. You could use arm muscular tissues together with working your legs.

6. Handlebar-Mounted General Practitioner

As opposed to using your Smartphone’s General Practition system to navigate biking trips, set up a handlebar-mounted GPS. The easy screen allows you to track your progression, prepare for turns, as well as note when you will arrive at your destination. These inconspicuous GPS devices maintain mess to a minimum on handlebars.

Get the latest and most innovative Handlebar-Mounted General Practitioner bike device for your bicycle to enhance your exercise and your enjoyment. Installing any of the ones discussed in this article is surely a great step to getting best results in no time.

How to Repair Bicycle Brakes?

Bikes are gaining popularity among youths, and even in developed countries like Netherlands, people still use bikes to get to their places of work. Ensuring that your bicycle is in perfect riding condition is necessary so as to evade injuries and mishaps. However, breakages are inevitable because frequent usage will have to wear it out. It is generally normal for brakes to malfunction thus calling for repair. By establishing various brakes problems as well as realizing how to fix them, you will therefore manage to keep at bay major clashes that may end up rendering your whole bike unusable. Here is a detailed approach on ways to repair bike brakes:

Check On the Calipers

It is important to examine brakes front calipers as well as the back calipers. You will be able to establish if or not the pads are having contact with the rim. This can be achieved by pressing the brakes to see the behavior of the calipers. It is important to note that the calipers need to touch on the rims at one time.

Review the Handbook

There is need to review and understand the guidelines provided in your bicycles handbook. This will enable you to keep in mind all the important actions on repairing its brakes. Basically, the adjustments can be done in the course of controlling the handles, both on the brake arms and handlebars. The handlebar generally is used to influence all the outstanding functionalities of the whole bike. On the other hand, the handle located at the brake assembly is normally used to fix all the primary alignment problems, which is why it should be fixed perfectly.

Manage Brakes Pads

To manage the brake pads, utilize the hex tricks whereby you tighten up or loosen the brake arms till you make sure that the pads are well placed in relation to the rims. Ensure that you press the screws on all the pads after achieving the ideal modification.

Oil and Grease Wire Frequently

Repairing bicycle brakes goes hand in hand with frequent oiling of the brakes’ wires. This will safeguard them from wearing out. However, if any cable is worn out you can remove it by loosening up the locking hex nut at each end. You do not need any special device to perform this practice.

Eliminate Slacks Which Accumulate On Parts of the System

Brake cable TVs tub should be rotated towards the bikes physical body brakes. However, it depends on the type of bicycle you own. In some bikes, the barrels are situated in an area where wires come into the brakes. Remove all slacks from the wires by clutching the end with needle-nose pliers and then pulling them out. As you pull, make sure that you use Allen wrench to create the pinch bolt more securely into the cable television.

Put brake wire oil onto the bike’s cable, and then plunge the cables, turning them around through the cover so as to grease the core as well. Lastly, fix back the brake cable television assemblage by gliding the wire back throughout the slot while connecting every end to the respective hex nut at the adjusting knobs. This might require you to refer to your bike’s manual to get a comprehensive guidance on fixing everything perfectly.

This is a detailed standard way of repairing bike brakes. Therefore, if you have a bicycle that requires repair service, these steps will be of help to you. They’ve been used for some time and have been proved to be effective. This is why we highly recommend that you try it out.